Saturday, December 13, 2008

Forever and other stuff

ok it has been forever since I have been on my blog or even seen it! Ok, so I'm doing fine in school, you don't even want to know about my grades. The only classes I have "A's" in, are sewing and math, So what, I'm not so good in English, and my teacher is wierd, but it is like the best class just because there is this new girl....and..... well, let's just say she's cute. Well that is all for now. Leave me message and tell me how you are doing.

Hawaii, Here We Come

Okay, I am so excited to go to Hawaii. I mean I have never been there, ever!! I'm going to be the best looking kid out on the beach. What's even better, I'm not alone. My friend is coming with me. Hey, Spence, you better be ready to hit the waves. I don't know if I want to spend over 5 hours on the plane in coach. I would be fine if we were in first class. I could live with that. I already have the whole 10 days planned out. Here is my list of things to do:

  1. see all the touristy things
  2. beach
  3. shopping
  4. beach
  5. learning how to surf (ha ha that should be funny)
  6. more touristy things
  7. beach
  8. shopping
  9. beach
  10. beach
See, aren't my plans wonderful? We are going to Hanama Bay to snorkel. Here is a picture of the bay and this fish I'm hoping to see in person. Isn't this the coolest thing?